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Criminal Defense Attorney in Braintree

Are you facing a criminal charge or under criminal investigation for a suspected charge? If so, this could be a very frightening time of your life. At Flanagan & Associates we do not desire that you undergo this experience by yourself. It is very important to have a strong defense by your side that can help you navigate the legal proceedings.

If you are facing a charge of assault and battery, domestic violence, or theft, your case could benefit from an experienced criminal defense lawyer. If any of those crimes were performed in conjunction with a weapons charge, the penalty could be severely intensified. Your voice is a valuable component to defend any of these charges, and it is our duty to make it heard above all the accusations. Our firm will also protect you and make sure that you are treated with respect throughout the whole process.

If you are located in the town of Braintree or surrounding counties, having a criminal defense lawyer from Flanagan & Associates by your side could be a very valuable decision. A lawyer who knows the court system well and is persuasive to judges can act on your behalf. Criminal defense is not an easy practice because a comprehensive knowledge of the law that spans DUI laws to juvenile crimes is required.

That is why it is important to hire our firm, which has about a decade experience in criminal defense and a diligent understanding of insurance companies and law enforcement. In order to maximize your chances of a successful outcome, hire a criminal defense lawyer who can take action in and out of the courtroom to defend your case.

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Excellent client service is what you will receive if you contact our firm. As soon as a charge or investigation is made against you, prosecutors will be working hard and with resolve to have you convicted. That is why you also need to be active in obtaining the proper legal guidance and protection of a criminal defense lawyer who will advocate your case with strong resolve.

Flanagan & Associates is committed to defending individuals in Braintree, Massachusetts who have been charged with a crime. We have proven our skills and abilities in criminal defense and are willing to make your case our own. If we become a team, a positive resolution to your case is not out of reach.

By contacting Flanagan & Associates, you will understand the components that make up our firm and how they can benefit your situation. Contact a Braintree criminal defense lawyer from Flanagan & Associates to discuss options for your case and to gain proper legal representation before it is too late!

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