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Felony Criminal Defense Attorney in Quincy

Results-Driven Representation for Felony Charges

Just being accused of a felony crime may put your career, your reputation, and your personal and professional relationships on the line, as a conviction can lead to heavy fines and multi-year prison sentences. An effective defense strategy requires in-depth knowledge and insights to fight these complex criminal matters. The right lawyer can work with you to get your charges reduced or dismissed, if possible, and will represent your best interests through trial. Do not hesitate to pursue a strong defense from our experienced Quincy felony lawyer.

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Felony Charges in Massachusetts

The State of Massachusetts classifies a felony as a crime which is punishable by a state prison sentence, regardless if the defendant is actually sentenced to state prison when convicted. A felony conviction will also stay on your criminal record, which can be used against you in the future.

Felony offenses include, but are not limited to:

After being arrested for a felony, the prosecutor and judge will look into your background and records. This will be used to build a case against you and may influence the sentencing, if you are convicted. The judge’s report will include your prior criminal history; your history of drug and alcohol use, if available; your employment history and financial records; recommendations from a probation officer, if applicable; and more. Our Quincy felony defense attorney is prepared to craft a strong defense on your behalf to counteract the prosecution’s case against you.

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