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At Flanagan & Associates, we believe in providing excellent customer service. Part of customer service is being available for our clients and being accessible to them. For about a decade, our firm has been committed to this assertion by communicating in many different facets, such as by phone, text message, and email, and updating clients at each stage of their case.

Get a former private investigator on your team; Dave Flanagan is well prepared to provide strong defense for your case. With an acute insight for both the offense and defense side of the courtroom, he can prepare a resilient defense for your case that can combat any claim that comes your way.

We are dedicated to serving those who need help, strategy, and counsel in dealing with their case in Quincy or Weymouth, Massachusetts and throughout Eastern Massachusetts. As part of our firm's promise to maintaining the highest level of client satisfaction, we are also more than willing to travel to the client if necessary. Every individual and case is important and deserves respect and acknowledgement. Therefore we are willing to travel the distance if that will aid in a profitable experience for our client.

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Our attorney's passion for criminal defense provides the necessary drive to do whatever it takes to fight on your behalf. Your rights and best interests are his first concern. Our firm has handled cases concerning drug crimes, theft, and weapons charges that have manifested our concern for the client through the manner in which I fight.

With diligence, aggression, and pride, we can stand for your rights and be the clutch necessary for a successful case. Each case is vastly unique and can result in completely different penalties. A juvenile crime is dealt with in a completely different manner than a charge of assault and battery performed by an adult. No matter what the case and charge is, we can support you in a manner that proves you are more than just a number.

Our firm provides the help you need to take care of a warrant and the courage to defend yourself in a domestic violence case. From Plymouth to Braintree, our firm will be attentive to your beck and call. Your case is important to us, and therefore, we have a no fee unless we win policy, meaning that you do not pay unless your case is won.

The Weymouth criminal lawyer you choose to represent you can make all the difference and whether you were falsely convicted or understand the mistake you made, we are here to advocate on your behalf. Please do not hesitate to contact Flanagan & Associates to learn more about how we can help!