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Aggressive Legal Representation in Massachusetts

Facing allegations for a criminal offense is frightening, especially if you are unsure of where to turn for help. With so many law firms throughout the state of Massachusetts, it can be overwhelming to understand what makes a qualified criminal defense lawyer. When seeking out the appropriate legal representative, it is essential that you have someone by your side that has extensive experience in the field. Additionally, you want someone who will do everything possible to protect your rights, aggressively defending your case from start to finish.

As a former private investigator, Attorney Dave Flanagan is a Hingham criminal defense lawyer who is well-versed in how the legal system works. More than capable at handling everything from DUI charges to violent crimes, clients have relied on his hard-hitting legal tactics in the past, walking away with diminished charges or full case dismissals. Personally handling every aspect of your case, Dave Flanagan will not pass you off to some paralegal team. Highly informed, bold, and persistent with each case that he takes on, you can expect that he will stop at nothing to get the results you desire.

History of the Town of Hingham, MA

Settled by a group of individuals and families from Hingham, England in 1633, the town was originally called Bare Cove, but renamed Hingham in 1635. Full of rich history, the First Parish Church was built here, which was later replaced by an Elizabethan Gothic structure called the Old Ship Church, one of the biggest landmarks of Hingham today. While there are many churches from the 17 th and 18 th centuries throughout New England, this remains as the oldest place of worship to still be used in all of the U.S. The residents of Hingham are intent on keeping the history alive as they are home to one of the biggest collections of antique houses still intact from hundreds of years before. One such historic area includes a group of residential buildings called the "Old Ordinary" located on Lincoln Street.

Looking at the Crime Rate

Considered a top contender for the list of the best places to live by CNN Money in 2011, the nearly 20,000 people residing in Hingham are dedicated to keeping their town free of crime and full of culture. With a decrease in criminal activity since 2010, the property crimes were lower than the national average by 55.47% and the percentage of violent crimes was lower by 92.6%.

As a city that is safer than 68 percent of the rest of the cities in the United States, the chances of becoming a victim of a crime are fairly small. This is partly due in part to the active law enforcement officers throughout the entire South Shore area of Massachusetts.

With that being said, at Flanagan & Associates, we are well-aware that the police in Hingham and the surrounding cities are on higher alert to keep their counties safe. They can overreact to potential criminal activity and become intent on simply putting people behind bars. Overzealousness may lead to arrests for false charges, wrong convictions and innocent individuals dealing with serious penalties.

If you have been arrested for a criminal offense in Hingham, MA, do not assume that you can handle your charges on your own. The criminal justice system is confusing and intimidating, especially if you are unaware of the particular laws and consequences pertaining to your case. Allowing a knowledgeable and reliable Hingham criminal lawyer to manage your case from beginning to end could make all the difference in the ending verdict.

Available 24/7 to Take Your Calls

Our attorney has been in the business of criminal defense for nearly a decade and knows that individuals can get arrested at any time of day or night. When you are arrested, you need to contact your lawyer as soon as possible to keep from incriminating yourself by sharing too much information.

It is best to remain silent and get in touch with our office right away so that we can step in and handle all the questions being thrown at you. With a passion for helping you receive the legal advocacy you deserve, we will seek to give you individualized attention as if it were our own future on the line.

To get an even better picture of the past cases we have handled and won, check out our case results as well as our client testimonials. Offering a free case evaluation, we encourage you to schedule yours today. Contact our criminal defense firm at either of our two locations in Weymouth and Quincy by calling (781) 808-3346 today.

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