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Quincy Drug Possession Attorney

Have you or a loved one been charged with a drug-related crime?

Being arrested for the possession of drugs can be quite a traumatic experience. If you have been arrested for the possession of any illegal drug, such as cocaine or marijuana, you are going to want to know your legal rights and have them properly defended. Drug possession charges have severe penalties, including loss of license, jail time, community service, hefty fines and a permanent mark on your record. If you have been arrested for drug possession in the Quincy area, your best defense is to have an experienced lawyer represent you.

At Flanagan & Associates, we understand the fear that you are feeling and the harsh penalties you may be facing. Our lawyer has extensive experience defending dozens of people who have been arrested for drug possession and have helped many have their charges dismissed, reduced or acquitted.

As a former private investigator, our lead attorney has a deep understanding of the processes involved in finding compelling evidence to support the defense case.

Drug Possession Lawyer in Quincy

A first time possession charge of drugs such as morphine or heroin receives a hefty penalty, including up to 2 years in jail, 1 year suspension of a driver's license, probation, community service, as well as expensive fines. Flanagan & Associates has created an impressive reputation for acquiring favorable verdicts for dozens of people who have been charged with drug possession.

Our Quincy drug possession attorney is a former private investigator and uses his knowledge of the law, as well as several techniques from his former career, to help his clients earn the most favorable outcome. With us as your defense, you can take comfort knowing that we will completely assess every aspect of your case so that we can devise a legitimate defense that will aim to clear your name and your reputation.

If the charge is drug possession, contact us to set up a free case evaluation.