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Dedham Criminal Defense Attorney

Protecting Defendants' Rights in the Courtroom

When law enforcement officers and prosecutors are making criminal claims against you, you need a trusted legal professional who can aggressively and skillfully advocate on your behalf so that your voice can be heard. You need a lawyer who will not just treat you like a case number, but rather who will provide you with personalized service during each step of your criminal proceedings.

This is exactly the type of legal representation we provide at our criminal defense law firm, Flanagan & Associates.

At Flanagan & Associates, we have a Dedham criminal defense lawyer who puts clients first. Because we know being accused of a crime is an extremely stressful experience, we make ourselves readily accessible to our clients. We are ready to answer clients' questions and keep them up-to-date on their cases through various channels of communication, such as in person and by phone, text message and email. Furthermore, we are willing to travel to clients when they cannot come to us.

Are you facing criminal charges or being investigated for an alleged crime? Take action immediately by scheduling a free evaluation with our firm!

Assistance with Your Criminal Case

When we take on criminal cases, we make sure to conduct thorough investigations, looking at all the facts that could make a difference in the case's outcome. We are dedicated to protecting our clients' rights and helping them work effectively toward positive resolutions for their cases. We are able to handle all types of criminal matters, whether they involve misdemeanors or felonies. Many of our clients need assistance with OUI/DUI charges. These are charges for the crime of operating a vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. We know how to challenge the results of breath and blood tests, as well as field sobriety tests.

Some individuals we represent are accused of committing violent crimes, which involve using force or the threat of force against others. Rape and assault are a couple examples of these types of offenses. We also provide defense for people accused of theft crimes, drug crimes, white collar crimes and juvenile crimes, among many other types of criminal offenses.

Do you have a warrant out for your arrest? If so, we can help you work to resolve this issue so that you can potentially minimize any negative outcomes you are facing. Regardless of the type of criminal matter you are dealing with, I advise you to speak with me so you can learn more about your defense options.

Crime Statistics for Dedham, MA

While the town of Dedham's crime rate is higher than 81% of other Massachusetts cities and towns, it is about average when compared to communities of similar size throughout the United States. Dedham, which is the county seat of Norfolk County, has a total crime rate of 27.95. This means that there are 27.95 crimes each year for every 1,000 Dedham residents.

This is broken down to a property crime rate of 27.11 and a violent crime rate of 0.84. Need criminal defense in Dedham? Contact us so we can help you challenge your charges!

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