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Robbery Charges in Quincy

Massachusetts Penalties for Robbery

There are two types of robbery under Massachusetts state law: robbery by unarmed person, and armed robbery. The first of these is defined in MGL §265.19(b) as taking property from an individual's person or from their control using force, or threat of force or violence. MGL § 265.17 defines armed robbery as the same, except the offender is armed with a dangerous weapon.

Robbery is theft crime punishable by a prison sentence of any term of years up to life. For armed robbery with a firearm, shotgun, rifle, machine gun, or assault weapon, the sentence is a minimum of 15 years to life.

With such harsh penalties involved, you cannot afford to retain an incompetent Quincy criminal defense attorney if you've been charged with robbery. It is vital that you hire a lawyer with the experience and aggression to obtain a dismissal or reduction of your charges in order to avoid the consequences of a conviction.

Robbery convictions not only land you in prison, but permanently damage your criminal record so that future employers will be hesitant to hire you. Even your friends and family may lose their trust in you. After being arrested for alleged robbery, take immediate action in your defense by retaining an attorney from Flanagan & Associates.

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