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One night on the town could suddenly change your life. Although no one ever expects to get arrested after a couple of drinks, when the unimaginable occurs, you must be able to rely on your choice of legal representation.

An arrest for drunk driving can be very frustrating because you probably did not mean harm by driving while intoxicated, but law enforcement sees it as a danger to yourself and others and takes strong means to convict those who are driving under the influence of alcohol.

It is natural to feel confused and anxious during this time because there is a lot at stake. Your driving privileges and occupation could be at risk if the proper steps to defense are not taken.

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The following are just a few of our successful case results. Read more of our OUI-DUI results here!

  • Operating Motor Vehicle While Under the Influence and with a Suspended License: Case Dismissed and NO Loss of Driver's License for the Client
  • Operating a Vehicle to Endanger: Case Dismissed Prior to Arraignment
  • Drug Possession with the Intent to Distribute Class B Controlled Substance: Petitioned for Motion to Dismiss Allowed and All Charges Dismissed.

Our Quincy Criminal Defense Attorney Knows the Laws

Law enforcement agents devote a lot of attention to those who are driving under the influence of alcohol. A person can be charged with a OUI/DUI if they are over 21 and their blood alcohol content (BAC) level is at 0.08 percent or higher.

If a person is under the age of 21, a DUI charge can be given if their BAC level is 0.02 percent or above. It is usually considered to be a misdemeanor if it is the individual's first offense and no property or other person was harmed.

After a second offense, a felony is likely to ensue. The same will occur if a third party or property were damaged in the act. It is a good idea to hire a proficient and responsive Weymouth criminal defense attorney who will be aggressive in protecting your rights.

Our Quincy DUI lawyer can inform you of your rights at this time. Schedule a confidential consultation if you would like to speak with us regarding your unique case.

Understanding the Severity of a Criminal Conviction

Legal penalties for an OUI-DUI may include:

  • Imprisonment or jail sentence
  • Extensive legal fines
  • Potential driver's license suspension
  • Completion of DUI School
  • Installation of Ignition Interlock Device (IID) at your own expense
  • Increased insurance premiums
  • Permanent criminal record

The specific penalties for initial and subsequent charges can range on a case-by-case basis. If you have been arrested or charged with a DUI or OUI in Massachusetts, it will be imperative that you work with a skilled legal professional as soon as possible.

Why You Need Our Firm in Your Corner

A criminal defense lawyer can negotiate the charges in hopes that they will be reduced or dismissed. In addition, an experienced lawyer can give insight as to the steps you should take if you have been charged with a crime.

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If you choose to work with Flanagan & Associates, our Quincy criminal defense attorney will be diligent in being there for you when you have questions, concerns, or just need advice.

Our firm's door is essentially always open as we will communicate with you in any form you choose, whether it be through text or in person.

Additionally, we would be happy to show you the different strategies or avenues of defense available to you, such as investigating the field sobriety test or breath test that was given at the time of arrest.

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OUI and DUI Defenses: DUI Lawyer in Quincy

Facing a DUI or OUI charge is never easy. Even when you exercise precaution, sometimes you can make a mistake. But a DUI or OUI charge does not automatically equal a DUI or OUI conviction.

Not all states have an "OUI" law, but Massachusetts does. An OUI charge does not necessarily mean you were driving drunk—it could apply to someone who is under the influence and has their keys in the ignition but is not driving.

If you realized you were too drunk to drive and pulled over, then fell asleep with your keys still in the ignition, you could have been charged with an OUI. OUI charges also cover driving under the influence.

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Penalties become more severe with the number of repeat offenses. Here are some examples of what you could be facing:

  • First offense: $500-$5,000 in fines, license suspension for 1 year, and up to 30 months in prison
  • Second offense: $600-$6,000 in fines, license suspension for 2 years, and 30 days to 30 months in prison
  • Third offense: $1,000-$15,000 in fines, license suspension for 8 years, and 150 days to 5 years in prison

These penalties are, of course, very serious and could be life-altering. But a charge does not equal a conviction! There are many ways to defend your OUI/DUI charge. There are many ways to challenge evidence in your case.

If the arresting officer was inexperienced and did not follow protocol correctly, you could have your case dismissed. If you were not properly observed for 15 minutes, and you had vomited or burped in the 15 minutes prior to your Breathalyzer test, your BAC could have registered as higher than it actually was.

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Arrested for an OUI/DUI in Hingham or a surrounding area?

Our firm can increase the chances that your charges will be reduced or even dismissed.

You have rights, even if you were in the wrong, and they should be defended by a lawyer you can trust. Our firm will evaluate even the smallest details of the case to determine how to best represent your case and defend your rights.

Breathalyzer Test Defense

Though police officers are increasingly using the breathalyzer device to test an individual's blood alcohol content (BAC) level, it can often be an erroneous breath test. In some instances, officers do not use the proper procedure in administering the test because they fail to conduct the required fifteen minute observation period.

This period is meant to make sure an individual doesn't burp, vomit, or partake in other bodily functions that could increase the level of alcohol in the mouth.

The breathalyzer test could also be compromised if the machine was not properly maintained or cleaned. The police officer must be able to show that the machine was being regularly tested and certified to prove that it was reliable.

It has also been shown that the breathalyzer machine has a .01% margin error, meaning any results around .08-.09% may not be totally accurate.

All of the following can affect the breathalyzer test, so make sure you speak to one of our Quincy DUI lawyers:

  • Temperature
  • Medical conditions
  • Other circumstances

They can help you find out if your test could have been inaccurate as a lack of any of these could exclude the results of the test.

Field Sobriety Test Defense

Even though the National Highway Safety Traffic Association has approved three field sobriety tests, they are not always an accurate measure of an individual's impairment. There are often other factors such as nervousness, physical disability, distractions, and bad weather that can affect a person's performance during field sobriety exercises.

In addition, an officer is usually already convinced that the driver is drunk, which may affect their assessment of an individual. If you were not drunk and failed a field sobriety test, then it may be a good idea to see if there was video footage of the incident. Armed with video evidence and your personal account of the situation, one of our lawyers may be able to dismiss results of field sobriety tests.

Get aggressive defense against DUI charges from our Quincy defense attorney.

It is very important to safeguard your freedom and rights. An OUI charge is a very serious matter that can endanger many employment and educational opportunities that would otherwise be yours and can ruin your future plans.

Our experienced Quincy DUI lawyer can provide aggressive defense on your behalf by creating a valuable plan of action and representing you with confidence. The earlier you retain counsel with OUI charges, the better the chances of reaching a positive outcome to your case.

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