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Sexual assault can be an complicated, and often times, exhausting legal matter for the accused. While there are various consequences concerning sexual assault, the aspect of a persons life it takes hold of most is their personal and social standing. This comes with restrictions in location, housing, education, and various other areas that many take for granted. If you have been charged with a sexual assault crime it is important that you immediately get the legal representation you need.

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What is Considered Sexual Assault?

To begin with it is always important to know what constitutes sexual assault in your state, in Massachusetts sexual assault is when someone is touched in a sexual manner that is either unwanted or offensive. It is important to note that sexual assault does not necessarily mean rape, ANY form of unauthorized sexual advancement is considered sexual assault, for example: grabbing the rear end of an individual can be categorized as sexual assault.

In addition, there are two categories that define sexual assault:

  • Indecent Assault - is the most general form of sexual assault that includes inappropriate contact with the breast, genitals, or rear end. As well as inappropriately touching a minor, intellectually disabled person, or elderly person. 
  • Aggravated Assault - occurs when a sexual assault is committed during a felony, or if the one who committed the offense is a mandated reporter (someone who regularly comes in contact with individuals who are vulnerable). One could also be charged with aggravated assault if an individual was harmed in the event of an indecent assault. 

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These offenses can come with lengthy prison sentences and are typically associated with a social stigma. Depending on the offense, someone who is charged can be given a maximum 10 years for indecent assault and up to life for aggravated assault. Furthermore, someone who is convicted of a sexual crime has to be registered with the Massachusetts Sex Offender Registry Board. As a former private investigator, our attorney understands all aspects of criminal defense cases and will fight to get you the best results possible.

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