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Bench and Arrest Warrants

Criminal Defense Lawyer in Weymouth

If a warrant is issued after someone fails to appear in court at a given date and time, they could be arrested at any point. Whether they are in their car, walking home from work, at home, or at the mall, a warrant is a provision to be able to immediately have that individual arrested.

A bench or arrest warrant forces the individual to appear in court for a proceeding that they previously missed. Due to the failure to appear, the penalties will possibly increase due to the inconvenience on law enforcement and violation of a legal order. Probation may also be forbidden after a warrant is issued.

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If you or a loved one has been issued with an arrest or bench warrant, you should seek counsel from a Quincy criminal defense attorney at once. An attentive criminal defense lawyer could help resolve the dilemma. In order to avoid major repercussions from avoiding the court and arrest, it is vital to contact our firm as soon as possible. Attending court with a strong and experienced criminal lawyer could be your last hope for a profitable resolution. It also shows the court that you are serious and committed to the case.

Do you have a warrant issued for you?

At Flanagan & Associates, our dedication and respect for clients has enabled many individuals to latch on to hope that did not exist before. Trial and arrest are very frightening, and when a bench or arrest warrant is issued, they could occur at any time. It is a very difficult circumstance that interrupts life and lowers the quality of life. There is no time to waste in this case, because being pulled over for a traffic violation could result in immediate arrest.

Our firm is ready to represent you and advocate on your behalf. Warrants are a time sensitive issue, so don't delay in contacting the firm today. Your initial case evaluation and consultation is offered free of charge.