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Have you been charged with OUI/DUI in Hingham?

Weymouth OUI Lawyer

Everyone has rights, even those who have been charged with criminal offenses. An OUI charge is a very serious matter that should not be taken lightly. It can be one of the most embarrassing situations a person could experience and to dwell on the situation after it has occurred is not anyone's desire.

The penalties involved with such a charge are very serious, however, and to avoid the situation will not be beneficial. It is very important that you seek answers to your questions and come to a clear understanding of the rights you possess in conjunction with this charge.

Our Quincy OUI attorney recommends that you defend yourself by first figuring out exactly what these rights entail.

Knowing Your Rights

Depending on what level of offense you have been charged with, you have certain rights that are important for your case to be properly evaluated. If it is your first offense, you can either take a plea or fight your case. Taking a plea means that you admit to the charges and will probably receive a standard first offenders disposition. If you fight your case and win, your license will most likely be returned to your possession. If you lose, however, the penalties will probably be the same as if you were to plead guilty and you will most likely receive a conviction.

If it is your second offense, you can refuse the breath test and have your license suspended for three years. You will be entitled to a hearing to challenge your refusal if you appeal within 15 days. If you do choose to take the breath test and your BAC level is 0.08% or above, you could have your license suspended for 30 days.

A third offense of OUI is considered a felony. If you refuse a breath test in this instance, your license will be revoked for five years but you will still be entitled to a hearing to challenge your refusal. If you refuse a breath test on yourfourth OUI offense, your license will be taken away for a lifetime but you are still entitled to a hearing. From a fifth OUI offense onwards, the penalties increase and your rights are greatly reduced.

Defend Your Rights

No matter what level of offense you are on, you will need an effective Weymouth OUI lawyer who can defend the rights that you have. Law enforcement takes drunk driving charges very seriously and will probably do whatever they can to make sure you are convicted. Be active in your situation and hire a lawyer who can help defend your case.

Our firm is prepared to fight for you and make your rights known to the courts, however the first step is in your hands. Contact Flanagan & Associates as soon as possible so that we may discuss your case and the options available. We offer initial consultations and case evaluations free of charge, so call today!